I offer my clients the opportunity to be truly heard and validated in a compassionate, sex positive and affirming environment. Using an insight-oriented approach paired with trauma-informed, mindfulness and transpersonal perspectives, individual clients, couples and polycules can make concrete progress toward greater happiness, self-actualization and having the relationships they want. 

I have extensive experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma and sexual/relationship issues, including clients who are survivors of sexual abuse. My area of expertise is sex and body-positive psychotherapy that is sensitive to the unique concerns of LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous individuals and non-traditional relationships and families. I draw from an eclectic treatment model including Psychodynamic Therapy, Sex Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Jungian techniques and EMDR. 

I strive to create a welcoming, affirming atmosphere for all. My clients often describe me as energetic, engaged, humorous and easy to talk to. I offer my clients a warm, non-judgmental approach that is genuinely accepting of the unique individuality of each person and relationship.