Individual Psychotherapy

I work with individual clients suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues. I also am skilled in treating adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault including the use of trauma modalities such as EMDR. I use a sex-positive, body-positive and strengths-based approach so clients may access their inner wisdom to heal themselves. 

Relationship Therapy / Sex Therapy 

I enjoy working with couples and poly relationship groups in therapy to facilitate better communication and greater ease in relationships. I use techniques from the Emotionally Focused and Imago models to assist clients with having the relationships they want. 

I also use Sex Therapy techniques to assist clients suffering from sexual dysfunction and sexual issues arising from trauma. My sex therapy practice is queer-affirming and celebrates ALL bodies, sexualities and relationships. 

Spiritually Informed Therapy / Integration Therapy 

I utilize techniques and practices stemming from Buddhist meditation and philosophy as well as shamanic practices to help clients nurture their own spiritual practice path. 

I also provide Integration Therapy for clients who have had experience with non-ordinary states of consciousness using sacred plant medicines. 

PLEASE NOTE: Psychedelics are currently illegal outside of FDA-approved research settings. I do not recommend clients ever self-administer medicines of unknown quality as they can have serious psychiatric and medical ramifications. I DO NOT refer clients to "underground" therapists.

However, I recognize the need for clients to process past mystical experiences with a knowledgeable therapist. I also work with clients returning from indigenous contexts outside the US who have done sacred plant work.