LGBTAQ / Polyamory

During a time of uncertainty for so many in the queer community, I bring my knowledge of LGBTQA issues, lifestyle and development to my clients so they can reduce depression and anxiety and confront trauma, both societal and interpersonal. Using a queer/feminist-informed framework paired with an awareness of social justice, I have helped many clients with issues around sexual identity, gender identity/transition, coming out, and queer identity development. 


I have many years of experience working with polyamorous individuals and relationships. I am knowledgable and non-pathologizing of ethical non-monogamy and can help you determine if it's the right choice for you. I've had great success with helping clients to open relationships in a mindful way and facilitating better boundaries and communication for clients in existing relationships who need assistance and guidance. 



As a long-time meditator and practicing Buddhist, I use mindfulness techniques and Eastern spirituality as a adjunct to Western psychotherapy. 


 I utilize Jungian techniques, shamanic techniques and am well-informed about processing non-ordinary states of consciousness.