Dee Dee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) authorized to conduct psychotherapy in private practice in New York State. They hold a Master’s Degree from the Hunter School of Social Work and actively participate in continuing education to continue to build and refine their skills. They have received training at the C.J. Jung Foundation, the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and regularly attend sexuality conferences and continuing education. They are fully trained in EMDR through the Parnell Institute and offer EMDR in their practice. They have years of professional experience in the LGBT community and in community mental health in Brooklyn, NY working with an extremely diverse client population. 

They are listed as a Psychedelic Integration Therapist by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and have been a featured speaker for the Sexuality Speakers Series (Alt Sex Conference) and at the Center for Optimal Living presenting on the use of sacred plant medicines in sex therapy. They have been featured in articles by Vice Magazine, Chacruna, Medium, Brides, Psymposia, Refinery 29 and Psychology Today. 

When they are not in their office, they enjoy playing and writing music, reading voraciously, hiking and being in nature and helping the world a tiny bit at a time through activism and social justice activities!